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How to talk to your kids about September 11

Here are some simple ways you can talk to children about the terror attacks.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Navigating tough conversations around the terror attacks of September 11 can be difficult.

It's not just parents, but also teachers and caregivers who are finding ways to teach their students. Educators around the country are also taking special training to re-learn the timeline of events.

For parents and teachers, here are a couple of tips to have a conversation with your children:

Find out what they know - Not only will you find out what they have already learned, but you can also clear up misconceptions. Some kids have undoubtedly heard about the terror attacks from their friends, teachers, or on television. You want to make sure they know the facts.

Keep it simple - There is no need to go into every detail of the horrific events of that day. Share the basics. It could be as simple as saying bad people hurt a lot of innocent people, or something more detailed depending on the age of the child.

How to talk to children about shootings: An age-by-age guide

Ask them what they think - Kids will have various responses depending on their age. They will all be able to share their feelings about what happened. Experts say if they are sad or scared, you can admit you feel the same way, too.