Western Washington has been pummeled by record February snow

Whether you love it or loathe it, we've all got to deal with it. One family decided to dive in face first.  

Jennifer and her son Caleb in Kent, Wash., created a family of Snow Faces, which are equal parts clever, cool, and creepy. 

Snow Faces

Here's how to join the fun and make your very own Snow Face. 

Step 1 

Smash your face into a big pile of fresh snow (at least 4 inches deep) 

Step 2 

Hold your phone at a low angle into the face imprint until it looks 3-dimensional. 


This is best done at night to avoid light pollution. The flash on your camera can help with uneven light and make the image pop. Thank to KING 5 viewer Hillary Hamm for providing these helpful tips. (see her family's creation below

Step 3 - Expert level 

Jennifer and Caleb in Kent have advice for elevating the production value of your Snow Face. Get an iPhone with portrait mode and photograph your Snow Face at a low angle. Then upload your Snow Face to Facebook in 3D mode — and voila! Wait for those likes to pour in. 

Show us your Snow Face creations! Post on the KING 5 Facebook page, tweet to us @KING5Seattle, tag our @KING5Seattle Instagram page and use the hashtag #k5winter. Or email your photos to shareit@king5.com 

Hillary Hamm's Snow Face: 

Snow Face creation
Hillary Hamm
Whoop! Whoop! My husband is the BEST! #FacialChallenge2019 #CabinFeverCoolDown #LivingTheFunLife