Paramedics rushed Kari Brodin to the critical care unit at Virginia Mason Hospital in the middle of the night after she suffered a stroke and blood clot.

The next day, a technician rolled a piece of equipment into her hospital room that was unlike all the other machinery. It was a harp.

The technician was Jessica Gallo, a professional harpist who plays therapeutic music to patients and their families in the hallways and rooms at Virginia Mason.

"They start taking deeper breaths," said Gallo. "Sometimes you can even see their heart rate drop and blood pressure go down right on the monitor, which is pretty incredible."

"It's beautiful," said Brodin. "It's like a window to a different place."

Gallo customizes her musical selections based on the patient's situation.

"Sometimes I'm playing along with the rhythms of the machines," she said. "There's beeping going on."

For the first time, Gallo is now producing a CD of her music.