CENTRALIA, Wash. – Kameron Soroka's battle with bacterial meningitis cost him his fingers, toes and his right leg.

A year later he's still fighting and recovering.

His mother credits her son, the doctors at Children's Hospital, and the staff at Centralia's Pope's Kids Place.

"This is where we chose to be. I'm so glad," said Kameron's mother, Keri Soroka.

The Centralia group home provides care and housing for 12 children considered "medically fragile."

Some children live at the facility. Others come by for periods of days or weeks, giving their parents time to work or spend time with the patient's siblings at home.

Pope's Kids Place is supported by state funding, Medicaid and insurance payments, but public donations enable the home to provide free care for some patients.

The non-profit has a fundraiser this Saturday. Supporters hope to be able to help more children by expanding the facility.

"It would give us a lot more space for the kids a lot more flexibility about how many kids are in a room," said Shannon Baumel, Director of Nursing.

For more information on how to help the home, go to http://www.popeskidsplace.org