Cory Chalmers is a hoarding expert and part of A&E’s hit show “Hoarders.”

Both on and off the show, Chalmers works to help restore functionality to the homes of people who suffer from hoarding.

Chalmers says that often individuals who suffer from hoarding have “gone through some form of trauma and depression.”

“We’re dealing with a lot of layers under the layers,” he said.

Chalmers is careful to draw the line between being sentimental about certain objects and hoarding.

“A lot of us have clutter,” but a problem may exist “when it's affecting the functionality of the home, where you can’t lay in your bed or use your kitchen, because it’s being used as storage,” he said.

Hoarding is also not an uncommon problem, particularly in Washington state where five percent of the population suffers from the mental illness. In Washington state, 360,000 people suffer from hoarding disorder, according to Chalmers.