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Here's how rapidly your car heats up in the sun

Experts warn not to leave pets or children in the car for any length of time in extreme temperatures. Your car can heat up by 20 degrees in just ten minutes.

WASHINGTON, USA — In the midst of extreme heat, temperatures inside your car can spike rapidly in a matter of minutes. 

Ahead of an unprecedented heat wave, experts are warning people to make sure they don't level their pets or their children in their car for any amount of time. 

In 90 degree weather, temperatures can spike to nearly 110 degrees in just ten minutes with no air conditioning. In an hour, temperatures can rise to 133 degrees. On a 100 degree day, temperatures can spike to nearly 120 degrees in just ten minutes, 134 degrees in 30 minutes, and 143 degrees in one hour. Leaving a window cracked is not enough to prevent temperatures from rising. 

The Auburn Police Department demonstrated that even on a relatively cool day, temperatures inside a car can increase rapidly when it's left in the sun. On a day in the high 70s, temperatures can reach 140 degrees inside your vehicle which can be deadly for children and pets. 

It's also important to provide plenty of fresh water and shade for pets to prevent them from catching heat stroke.