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‘Challenging, abnormal’ brush fire destroys six homes in Graham

High winds were blamed for causing and spreading the 'firestorm.'

GRAHAM, Wash. — Fire investigators blamed high winds for starting a spreading a brush fire that destroyed six homes in Graham late Monday night.

“The wind was just relentless last night, this is why we, basically, had a firestorm come through here,” said Graham Fire & Rescue Asst. Chief Steve Richards.

He called the fire abnormal, saying it was the type of destructive fire typically seen on the east side of the state.

“It was a challenging fire,” said Richards, “I’ve worked here 27, 30 years, I’ve never seen a firestorm like this and take out so many residences.”

He said in addition to the six homes destroyed, the fire gutted several shops, recreational vehicles and cars.

Neighbor Kyle Pierson lives across the street from some of the homes that were turned into rubble by the flames.

Pierson and his wife left their home and spent the night praying it would survive.

Their home and property was not damaged.

“God was with us,” said Pierson.

Pierson spent Tuesday watering his lawn in case the winds or fires come back.