SNOHOMISH, Wash. – Tuesday night Snohomish City Council approved new regulations, which allow for Mobile Food Vendors to operate within certain areas of the city.

Food Trucks have been allowed at events, like a Farmer’s Market. But now the city is broadening its food options. According to the city, the plan is to craft rules that ensure that food trucks operate in harmony with brick and mortar restaurants.

Mobile food vendors will have to be licensed with the city. The rules also state that Food Trucks can’t sell or deliver food within 200 feet of the entrance of any non-mobile business establishment without written consent. Under the city’s plan, trucks will only be allowed to operate six hours a day.

Ten months ago, Frank Sandoval opened SnoTown Brewery on 2nd Street. He sees Food Trucks as a way to attract tourists and more business.

"If we could have a truck parked right outside and serve easy food for our patrons to snack on while they are enjoying a craft beer, then everybody wins," said Sandoval.

Critics have raised concerns, saying Food Trucks will lead to parking issues and trash on the street.

City Council said their approval is a starting point, and down the road they will check in and make adjustments if necessary.