Saturday dozens of fish and wildlife activists protested a fish farm net pen near Bainbridge Island.

The organizer, Kurt Beardslee of the Wild Fish Conservancy, said the protest was planned before last month’s net pen failure off Cypress Island.

An estimated 165,000 Atlantic salmon escaped into Puget Sound, according to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

“Part of the problem is, it took a spill like this for people to pay attention,” said Beardslee.

Beardslee said his group has collected more than 8,000 signatures, demanding no more net pens be approved and no more permits reissued.

The Wild Fish Conservancy argues the Atlantic salmon threaten the Puget Sound ecosystem, harm native salmon, and bring disease.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has directed the Department of Ecology to put on hold any new permits for salmon farm net pens after the Atlantic salmon escaped last month.