SEATTLE, Wash. - Sgt. Erik Olson has worked alone as a law enforcement officer for ten years.

This fall the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officer has had a partner - two to be exact - a photographer and an audio engineer from the Animal Planet cable network.

"It's not the funnest thing in the world," said Olson, who is one of the officers who will be featured in a yet-to-be-named reality series set to air nationwide next January.

While Olson said he does not enjoy being on camera, constantly followed by a crew, "If people can actually see what it is we do, I think that's pretty cool."

The state is not making any money off the production, but Fish and Wildlife Deputy Chief Mike Hobbs hopes the show is a recruiting tool.

"A show like this makes it go from a recruiting puddle to a recruiting ocean, potentially," he said.

He said other law enforcement agencies have seen the number of future job applicants triple.

Olson sees the show as a way to let the public and state budget writers know what the officers do to protect the environment and the people who enjoy the outdoors.

It's enough to make him less camera-shy.

"I know it will help our department," said Olson. "I love this job enough I'm willing to do it."