South King Fire and Rescue held a memorial at Station 64 in honor of the 17th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

“It’s sad. A lot of people passed away a lot of people died that day, and it just pulls on my heart. It really does,” said Jim Hartje, a Federal Way resident who was in attendance Tuesday.

In 2011 South King Fire and Rescue was awarded a 1,200-pound steel beam from the World Trade Center. The beam was turned into part of a memorial with fountains built to represent the twin towers. The granite walls of the memorial are engraved with the names of those killed in the attacks.

“It’s real well done just to have all the names there that was special,” said Robin Moore, a veteran in attendance.

In communities like this, thousands of miles away from the twin towers, people have created a space to honor.

“This was our generations pearl harbor we can’t forget, and it would be a shame if we did,” said Hartje.