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Despite some bans, people stock up on fireworks for Fourth of July

Thunderbird Fireworks on the Puyallup Reservation has seen an uptick in firework sales, despite some new firework bans in the area.

TACOMA, Wash. — People have been stocking up on fireworks for the Fourth of July holiday.

Thunderbird Fireworks on the Puyallup Reservation in Pierce County has seen a steady stream of customers.

"With COVID and people being in quarantine, this is something where you can have a relief and some fun so we've actually seen an uptick in the last couple of years," said Katie Holmes with Thunderbird Fireworks. 

This year, the Fourth of July lands on a Monday, which created a long weekend that Holmes believes is attracting more customers.

"When the fourth falls during the middle of the week you don't see quite as much traffic," Holmes said.

Most cities in Pierce County allow fireworks around the Fourth of July during certain times of the day. However, in Tacoma, fireworks are banned.

New this year, fireworks are also banned in much of King County. Many cities have their own bands and a new law bans fireworks in unincorporated areas of the county. 

Fire officials hope the laws protect property and people from fires and injuries like severe burns and loss of limbs.

"Fireworks are explosive and they can be dangerous," said Jay Hagen, Bellevue Fire Chief. "We really do believe that the best experience is to go to one of the professional shows."

At Thunderbird Fireworks, Holmes said whatever people purchase they urge them to use it safely.

"It's about taking proper precautions, using the right material to light a firework, putting it in an area where you don't have anything that would burn around you and there aren't people who can get hit by fireworks around you," Holmes said.

Whether it's a public display or private purchase all signs are pointing to no shortage of fireworks come Monday. 

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