Washington State Ferries expects a busy Christmas travel weekend, with at least 250,000 passengers traveling by ferry through Monday.

Thursday morning, the Edmonds-Kingston ferry Hyak stopped working due to electrical issues. It created two-hour wait times.

"They got that fixed, but it does kind of illustrate how fragile the system is. There's not a lot back-up boats and that type of thing despite it being winter when we usually have availability and more vessels. A lot of those are in, getting their oil changed, routine maintenance and that means we're downsized on a couple of routes up north here. That'll mean a longer wait time during the big rush," said WSF Spokesman Ian Sterling.

The Edmonds and Mukilteo routes are expected to be the most jammed. Passengers got creative as the day passed and lines grew.

Sally Kaiser knitted a quilt for her 2-year-old grandson.

"Yes, this is the Space Needle, the Seahawks," she smiled.

Winter, a 3-year-old from California traveling to visit relatives, didn't mind the wait thanks to the adventure ahead. When asked about her favorite part, she had a one-word answer.

"Eating," she said.

For regular commuters, the holiday is more of a headache, but Bree and Christopher Borseth are still grateful to have the ferry system, even if they have a wish for Santa.

"It would be nice if there was a bridge," Chris said.

"We can ask Santa. I'll write him a letter tonight," Bree laughed.