MARYSVILLE, Wash. - Marysville mayor Jon Nehring will welcome in the newest Snohomish County councilman at a swearing-in ceremony Tuesday.

His son.

Nate Nehring was just elected after the previous county councilman took a new position. County leaders believe that this type of father-son political connection is a first in their history.

"I saw how hard he worked for this -- getting on the Stanwood planning commission and the Snohomish County Performance Audit Committee," Jon Nehring said. "He ran it just like a campaign. He was putting in really late nights. It was just really rewarding to see him get it."

Nate has been around the political scene for a while, having watched his father work in government for several years.

"I always remember back to 2011. I got to door-knock during his mayoral campaign in Marysville. It was just a blast for me to knock on all those doors and talk to some of the constituents in the city. I got to hear about what was important to them," Nate said. "If there's one thing that I've learned from my dad and his work, it is how important it is to be out with the constituents and listen to their concerns."

Nate is currently finishing up with his role as a teacher, before switching roles to focus entirely on his new position on the council.

"I'm really excited to get to work and try to move Snohomish County together as a team," Nate said. "Living with my dad growing up and during high school, I was able to get kind of an inside look at the tremendous amount of good that can be done in local government and with elected officials if their heart is in the right place. I've been able to see a lot of the great things that my dad has been able to do for the community. That has kind of sparked my passion. I've been able to see that you can do a lot of great things as a teacher, but you can also do a lot of good as an elected official if you're willing to work hard and you're willing to work with others and do what's best for the community."

As Nate goes to work, his father will be looking on with great pride.

"Of course I'm proud of all my kids regardless of what they do, and they're all going to do meaningful things I know that, but to actually have my son in my same line of work and have that meaningful connection it's really exciting," Mayor Nehring said with a smile.