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Father believes safe injection site could have saved daughter's life

A Washington father whose daughter died of a heroin overdose believes a safe injection site may have saved her life. Michael Roberts hopes King County will soon open a site to help people who struggle with addiction.

Michael Roberts knew his daughter was struggling.

“The day she died I was going to be taking her to detox and treatment,” said Roberts.

Amber Roberts, 19, died of a heroin overdose in June of 2015. Her father thinks a so-called "safe" injection site might have saved her life.

He testified in Olympia against a proposed ban in 2017 and was in the Temple of Justice in September when the Washington Supreme Court heard arguments about an initiative that would have given King County voters a chance to ban “safe” injection sites.

The justices ruled the initiative was outside the scope of authority for voters.

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Roberts feared voters would have supported the ban. He hopes the county will open a site soon to help people who are having struggles, like his daughter.

“A place like that where there’s going to be social workers, nurses, whatever,” said Roberts. “It’s way easier to talk to a stranger than it is your mom and dad.”

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