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Fake Uber driver charged in White Center rape

A Tukwila man posing as an Uber driver was charged with raping a woman in White Center in December 2018.

A Tukwila man accused of posing as an Uber driver has been charged with first-degree rape. 

Israel Ramos-Islas was charged Monday after a woman reported an attack in White Center last December. She told law enforcement that the suspect claimed to be her Uber driver outside a bar in Ballard and that he drove her to White Center, raped her, and then drove her home.

After police released surveillance video of Ramos-Islas at the victim's front door, he surrendered to the King County Sheriff's Office on April 2.

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Detectives checked with Uber and found out that Ramos-Islas did not work with them. 

Court papers said Ramos-Islas posed as an Uber driver at least two other times. He was successful in luring one other woman into his car, the court said.

Prosecutors said Ramos-Islas poses an ongoing threat to the victims after him and his wife went to the rape victim’s house after she filed a police report. 

He is being held on a $750,000 bail.

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