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Fake rideshare driver accused of rape may have targeted other women around Seattle

A man accused of impersonating a rideshare driver and raping a woman may have targeted another woman in Seattle, according to investigators.

The King County Sheriff’s Office said the man they arrested Wednesday for posing as a rideshare driver and raping a woman may have targeted another woman.

The sheriff’s office said a second woman came forward after hearing about the White Center rape investigation on the news. The woman told Seattle police that in August 2018 she was picked up by the same man who claimed to be her rideshare driver.

She told police that after he dropped her off, the man came back to the door claiming that she had forgotten her phone. She said he tried to force his way inside but could not get in.

The sheriff’s office said they believe this man tries to pick up drunk women from bars by posing as their rideshare driver.

Investigators were tipped off to a possible third case on Reddit. A woman posted a video from a few months ago that investigators said has a lot of similarities to the other cases. This happened in Fremont, however, detectives have not been able to confirm it was the same man.

The suspect turned himself in Wednesday after family members recognized him as a person of interest in the White Center rape investigation from December 2018. In that case, a woman told the sheriff's office she got into a car thinking it was her rideshare. Instead of driving her home, detectives said the man took her to 5th Avenue South in White Center and raped her.

He was then able to get her address and take her home.

Detectives said they found out the suspect did not work for a rideshare program.

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