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Snohomish County women on a mission to support local nonprofits

The group 100+ Women Who Care About Snohomish County just gave their biggest-ever single donation of over $27,000 to the Everett Recovery Cafe.

EVERETT, Wash. — The Everett Recovery Cafe received a substantial donation from a group of local women who’ve quietly raised more than $200,000 dollars for Snohomish county Nonprofits over the past few years.  

The group 100+ Who Care About Snohomish County presented a check to the recovery cafe worth $27,000, their biggest single donation to date. 

The group was founded by Janet Bacon in 2019. 

"We were just sitting around the kitchen table and heard of a similar group fundraising ideas, but wanted to do something all our own," Bacon said. 

The group has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last four years using a simple formula. 

"The idea is to have 100 women donate $100 as a group," Bacon said. "That makes a $10,000 donation to local nonprofits and fortunately we always exceed our goal." 

The women accept nonprofit nominations on their website and the public votes on where the funds are awarded. 

"We do this three times a year and it's so special to surprise these deserving organizations with a giant check," Bacon said. 

The giant check is simply for presentation purposes. The women hand over their actual donations directly to the cafe. 

The donations made to the Everett Recovery Cafe will support a variety of services, Executive Director Wendy Grove said, but most importantly it will help the organization fill a void in care.

"We are excited to use this money to incorporate childcare so that we can have family gatherings and remove one more barrier for anyone who needs help," Grove said. 

Grove said the Recovery Cafe is "helping anyone recover from anything." The cafe is membership based and provides a safe place for individuals to define and pursue their healing and recovery together with a peer-based program. 

Mental health and substance abuse disorders skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as isolation increased. The Everett Recovery Cafe is committed to serving anyone looking to recover from addition and difficult life transitions. Membership, lunch and coffee are free. All you have to do is abide by the rules: 

  1. Be drug and alcohol-free for a minimum of 24 hours before coming to the café 
  2. Participate in a weekly Recovery Circle or let staff know when you must be absent 
  3. Commit to participating in community service at the café 
  4. Practice the guiding principles of the Everett Recovery Café community 

Recovery Cafe offers numerous education and emotional support programs with an emphasis on empathizing with individuals and empowering them to regain self-esteem through service. 

Members of the cafe help cook, do dishes and clean the community center. Computers are available and art classes provide a unique healing outlet.

Member Tyson Tungat said the cafe has provided him with a new lease on life. He said drugs made a mess of his life, and eventually took his mother's life. 

"I lost my mom and was homeless for years," Tungat said. "I was the guy standing on the corner with a sign and understand they are real people and need to be seen." 

A young musician named Cody Gates said he lost his dad and home in a fire. 

"I haven't seen my mom in 10 years, she's drug addicted and living on the streets," Gates said.

Gates is rediscovering his passion for piano and guitar after losing his instruments in the fire.  He is rediscovering his passion for piano and guitar after losing his instruments in the  

“They have a little stage and instruments here so it’s been really good for me to find a clean community to grow and figure out where I want my life to go.”   

The group 100+ Women Who Care About Snohomish County is already accepting nominations for their October giving circle. People can learn more on their website.  

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