In his eight years of geocaching, Ray Friis has learned to be quite careful because you never know what you might find.

"Up near Granite Falls on the side of the road I found two hospital containers of used hypodermic needles," said Friis.

Last week, Friis was treasure hunting at Everett's Silver Lake when he made a bombshell of a discovery.

"It was a wet paper bag and it ripped open and the bombs rolled out," he said. "I knew they were bombs because there were fuses sticking out."

It was a cache of about eight various explosives. The bomb squad responded and confirmed the devices were, indeed, homemade bombs, and disposed of them. While Friis was relieved he didn't get hurt, he was more concerned about others using the picturesque park.

"I was worried about little kids coming up. Kids love this park. So do dogs," he said.

It isn't clear whether the bombs were intended to target geocachers or were dumped there by coincidence. Regardless, Friis said he isn't in a hurry to hunt for anymore hidden treasure at the park anytime soon.

"I'll wait for a while, until the dust settles."