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Everett neighborhood is sinking

The ground is slowly sliding away from a cluster of Valley View neighborhood homes, and tearing parts of houses away with it. One house has already been "red tagged" as uninhabitable.

EVERETT, Wash. -- People living in the Valley View neighborhood of southeast Everett are waiting and watching. A two story house on their block is tilted at a 20 degree angle and could collapse at any moment.

A crack in the earth that first appeared six weeks ago is now threatening about four homes. The City of Everett has red tagged the home on Burl which is collapsing. That means no one is allowed near the property.

A yellow tag was posted on two other properties where the land is giving way.

A surface slide in the area of Rob and Margaret Lund's house caused their deck and cement patio to completely collapse.

There is nothing to stop this from happening again and again, said Rob Lund.

Recent heavy rains has caused the sliding to accelerate in the neighborhood. Neighbors said the problemappears tobegetting much worse.

If that house goes, the land will go with it, said Steve Mosman, who lives right next door to the collapsing home. It would pull our land down with it. We just don't know what is going to happen.

The City of Everett is monitoring the problem daily but has no authority to re-enforce private property. City engineers have recommended the homeowner demolish the collapsing home.

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