Brownie Troop 43244 has always shown a love for animals. The Everett-based Brownies recently sold 11,000 boxes of cookies and decided to help some animals with a portion of their profits.

Troop 43244 donated six pet oxygen masks to the Everett Fire Department on Thursday. The group gathered at Legion Memorial Park to present their gifts to firefighters.

In past years, the troop has purchased a harness for a guide dog team, made feral cat houses, and thrown a birthday for puppies in a puppy-raising club.

Their latest furry-caper was motivated by a recent fire-related tragedy. A local family lost two dogs in a house fire. The troop wondered if pet oxygen masks would have helped save the dogs.

A firefighter present at the park tested one of the masks on an "Everett Animal Shelter alum" that is currently training to be a therapy dog.

One Brownie rose above the rest, selling 2,300 boxes of cookies. She got to pour slime on one of the troop leaders as a reward.