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Everett bike shop needs volunteers to fix up bikes for kids during the holidays

Sharing Wheels in Everett is a nonprofit bike shop operated by volunteers. The shop fixes up donated bikes and then matches them with kids during the holidays.

EVERETT, Wash. — A nonprofit in Everett isn't letting the coronavirus pandemic stop it from gifting children a pair of wheels for the holidays. 

Sharing Wheels is a community bike shop operated by volunteers that has been collecting bikes and parts of all sorts for nearly 20 years. 

During the holiday season, the nonprofit bike shop fixes up donated bikes and matches them with children in western Washington. 

But because of the pandemic, the nonprofit's partnerships are in limbo, said Kristin Kinnamon, the president of the organization. 

"We're still doing it, our volunteers are so dedicated," said Kinnamon, who explained a small volunteer army is committed to fixing up as many bikes as possible to match up with kids on a one-on-one basis. 

"It’s labor intensive but a labor of love for sure," said Kinnamon.

The pandemic has increased demand for bikes and the nonprofit's supply is very limited, so the Sharing Wheels staff have a tall order to meet their holiday demand.

The volunteers rotate on a weekly basis and only five are allowed in the shop at a time, so there's plenty of work to be done before the holidays. 

Claudia Douglas volunteers at Sharing Wheels and said she got involved after shopping for a bike for her grandson.

"I met them and they were so nice. When I learned about their mission I was sold. I clean bikes, change tires and wrap handle bars. Lots of new things to learn," said Douglas. 

The volunteers come from all walks of life and no experience in repair is necessary. If people cannot volunteer but still want to get involved, they can consider making a monetary or bike donation. 

To learn more or to inquire about volunteering, visit the Sharing Wheels website here.