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Enumclaw student inspires others to get CPR, First Aid certified

Enumclaw High School senior Taylor Anglin wants to help others save lives.

ENUMCLAW, Wash — A classroom full of people gathered at Enumclaw High School on Saturday, hoping to learn how to save someone's life.

Enumclaw High School senior Taylor Anglin helped put together Enumclaw's first 'Save a Life' conference. 

The conference taught people how to recognize and respond to mental health and medical emergency situations. 

Anglin said she wanted to do something after learning her classmates weren't prepared for a medical emergency. 

"I was in class one day and one of my classmates has a seizure. I found myself the only one in the room who knew what to do to help the student," said Anglin.   

The student was epileptic and taken to the nurse's office. Students were told their classmate would be okay. 

"I was in a classroom of 30 plus people and being the only one who knew what to do in this emergency was really surprising to me," said Anglin. 

58 people attended Saturday's conference. Those who participated in the 4 different workshops left CPR and First Aid certified. The conference was open to anyone over the age of 16 and there was no cost. 

"I didn't know any of this in first aid. I knew you were supposed to put a burn underwater but nothing else," said Maddison Gates, who was a participant. 

Gates had a very personal reason to get First Aid certified. Before she was diagnosed with asthma, she suffered an asthma attack and no one nearby knew what to do. 

"The girl sitting next to me said, 'She's blue.' That didn't calm me down, it made me more nervous" said Gates. 

Now she hopes to use her knowledge to help others stay calm. 

"I hope that they never have to use this training, but if they do I hope it saves someone's life," said Anglin.