The Ailstocks are about to embark on a cross-country relocation assignment and they're hoping they don't have to leave one of their beloved dogs behind.

"We just need to get Mac back," said Tiffany Ailstock.

Her husband, Matt, a military chaplain at JBLM, has been instructed to move to Fort Jackson in South Carolina and the family must leave their DuPont home by Friday.

Last week, the family's two dogs, Charlie and Mac, escaped their fenced-in yard and got loose in their Wallace Loop neighborhood.

Charlie was found two days later, but Mac the brown and white Brittany spaniel is still on the run.

Their three young girls, Addison, 7, Emmalynn, 5, and Vivian, 2, have been taking the disappearance hard.

"Mac was a cuddler with me when we lived in our house, but now that he's gone he can't snuggle with me," said Addison.

The Ailstocks' neighbors, many of whom are in the military as well, have been a big helkp as the family has been juggling the move and search.

"Everybody has been great in DuPont. It's blown my mind how much help I've gotten," said Tiffany.

Mac is a 4-year-old, 40-pound brown and white Brittany spaniel. The Ailstocks say he is very friendly and loves chasing birds. Mac ran away from the area of Wallace Loop and Bob Hollow Lane in DuPont June 5. He was last seen at a nearby golf course.

If you see Mac, Tiffany asks you to give their family a call at 859-322-0117.