A Capitol Hill couple is now cleaning up a mess of shattered glass after a drone crashed right into their dining room.

It happened just after seven a.m. Thursday, at a home off 13th Avenue East. Homeowner Wenjun Chen said she was making breakfast when she heard the sound of breaking glass.

"I heard a crash, a boom," she said.

She quickly traced the sound to her shattered dining room window. Initially, the family thought a bird had crashed into the glass, until Chen sent her husband outside to investigate. He found the drone laying on the ground outside the broken window, with a camera attached to it and still recording.

"He thought it was a robin, a bird, so he walked back in and so no, it's something new," she said. "I said what? And he said a drone!"

The couple called Seattle Police, who took the drone into police custody. Officers are working to get a warrant to review the footage recorded by the drone's camera, in hopes of identifying the pilot.

The incident is just the latest in a string of run-ins people and places in Seattle have had with the unmanned aircraft.

One knocked a woman unconscious when it fell from the sky during the 2015 Seattle Pride Parade. A 37-year-old Oak Harbor man was charged with reckless endangerment in that case.

Another drone caused alarm when it hovered near the Space Needle in 2014.

And in November of last year, a drone hit the Great Wheel and did damage to an outdoor patio table as it dropped to the ground. SPD used recovered video footage from that drone to identify the pilot and forwarded the case to the Federal Aviation Administration for further review.

Anyone with information about who the Capitol Hill drone belongs to is asked to call Seattle Police.

Chen said the whole experience was a bit strange, and she wonders what the drone was doing so close to her house, but she said she was more surprised about it than scared.

"I don't know, maybe he was just taking pictures around the neighborhood," she said. "Maybe someone was flying around testing a new drone, a new toy."