A driver distracted by the reality smartphone game Pokeman Go! has caused the first Pokeman-related crash in Washington state.

The Washington Department of Transportation says in a Facebook post the collision happened on a state road on Tuesday.

The 28 -year-old driver rear-ended a Chevy sedan traveling eastbound on SR 202 near 332nd St. in Fall City. No injuries were reported.

"NEVER Pokeman and drive, it's just too dangerous," WSDOT reminded drivers on their Facebook page.

Pokémon Go is a mobile game that allows smartphone users to fight digital monsters in real life as they explore their surroundings in search of virtual Pokémon characters. It has caused some safety concerns, as players travel around while looking at their phone's screen without regard to their surroundings.

Over the past few weeks since the game's release, numerous crashes across the country have been reported after players paid more attention to the game than the road:

In New York, a man playing the game got distracted, drove off the road and slammed into a tree. He suffered minor injuries.

In Pennsylvania, a teenage girl playing the game was hit by a car when she walked onto a busy highway. The girl suffered an injured collarbone.

In Canada, two Quebec City police officers were injured when two players suddenly backed their car into a police cruiser. The two players admitted to playing Pokemon Go.

"No Pokemon, no matter how rare, is worth risking your safety or that of our workers," WSDOT warns. "There are lots of Pokemon out there – try in another area if you’re getting too close to a work zone or construction site.

Don’t be the Pokemon player who ruins it for others."