Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife police officers found three bags of ducks that were possibly disposed illegally and are searching for a suspect.

"We don't know if these were legally harvested or not and that's what we're trying to clear up," said Mike Cenci, Deputy Chief of Operations for Fish and Wildlife Police.

The bags were dumped last week at the Devonshire road turnout, on State Route 12 (roughly nine miles east of Aberdeen).

The three bags contained a total of the 28 ducks. Eight were hen Mallards, 18 were Drake Mallards, and there were two smaller birds. Officers believe the time of death to have occurred over the holiday weekend.

Officers from WDFW are asking the public for help in finding the owner of the bags.

"If there was a legitimate reason all someone has to do is come forward and talk to us about it," said Cenci.

Wasting wildlife is a gross misdemeanor offense publishable up to a year in jail and $5,000 fine.

Call WDFW Police Dispatch at 360-902-2936 or Officer Becker at 360-742-8516 to report any information that may be helpful. Those who provide information will be kept in confidence and may be eligible for a cash reward.