According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Ron Doersch felt what he called an ‘unexplained pull’ to return to Gold Bar using an unusual route after he finished his patrol in Index late last week.

Normally, logging and the winter weather would make Reiter Road less than desirable, but Doersch followed his intuition and drove the different route. 

That's when the sheriff's deputy spotted a German Shepherd - emaciated and mangy - running alongside the road.

Doersch brought the dog to Pilchuck Animal Hospital in Snohomish with the help of nearby drivers from Buck Thoms trucking company. 

After being treated, the dog was brought to the Everett Animal Shelter, where a microchip connected the dog, named Coco, to her family in Monroe.

According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the family said Coco went missing in September. Unfortunately, after working with the veterinarian at the shelter on a necessary treatment plan, Coco’s medical condition proved to be more severe than initially thought. 

The Everett Animal Shelter reported that she had the skin condition mange and a secondary infection. The family felt it was best for them and for Coco to surrender her to the shelter so she could receive the care she needs.

Shelter manager Glynis Frederiksen, said Coco's has made a huge improvement in just the last week. Coco is in great spirits and very loving- if not incredibly treat-motivated!

The shelter hopes to place Coco with a foster family for at least a month to continue her recuperation. She will be up for adoption once she is deemed recovered.

To keep track of Coco and other adoptable animals at the Everett Animal Shelter, click here.