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Be ready to camp in your house in major earthquake

Some of the essentials: Water, portable toilet, and weather radio.

State guidance says people should be prepared to be on their own for 14 days in a major earthquake, and if you live on Washington’s north and west coast in Clallam County, you should have 30 days’ worth of supplies.

In Clallam County, the concern is that areas will be cut into sections by collapsing bridges, landslides, and tsunami impacts, which will create micro-islands.

If you don’t own a tent, volunteers say you create your own. You could use a piece of your house as a “tent,” by walling off the dining room, the kitchen, or a bedroom.

“You could use blankets, any kind of ability make a place in your home,” said Judy Harvey, a volunteer from Joyce, which is 20 miles west of Port Angeles. “You can have a warmer section you can crawl into at night, because heating is going to be an issue. So the whole concept of where it’s warm and dry is kind of critical.”

Don’t bring a stove or barbeque inside, as people have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Having something to use as a toilet is also necessary, especially if yours stops working. Sanitation is a big concern – even down to your shoes.

“They determined you want an indoor pair of shoes and an outdoor pair of shoes,” Harvey said. “You don’t want to bring in anything that’s unsanitary into an environment you want to keep clean.”

Other checklist items include water and water purification equipment and radios that can receive emergency channels like the National Weather Service.

You may even be glad you packed cards and board games – anything to keep your sanity. Chances are there’s no cable or power for satellite TV.

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