Charlie Heebner, 79, and his wife Beverly, 78, only wanted to be on the first trip for the new Amtrak route.

"We just wanted to go, an opportunity to be on the first to go on this newly established section of track that hasn't had passenger trains on it in years," said Heebner.

It was an enjoyable trip until he heard a strange noise. Not long before the train derailed, Heebner said heard a regular ca-thunk, ca-thunk like the train had a flat wheel.

"That train was not making that noise before," said Heebner.

Then, the next thing he knew, all chaos broke out and he was laying on the floor.

“A lot of tossing and squealing and rattling,” said Heebner. “It kind of got dark, and I ended up on the floor.”

Heebner and his wife will be ok. He saw some, he said, who will not.

“It’s just the luck of the draw, I guess," said Beverly Heebner. “Maybe I should stay off trains."

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