Two people died and five others were injured after a fight at a motorcycle club in Skyway ended in gunfire early Sunday morning.

Shots were first fired around 4 a.m. at the "Family Motorcycle Club" in the Skyway neighborhood, with victims later showing up at a McDonald's in Renton.

A total of four people were shot; two later died after being driven to the McDonalds.

A 24-year-old man died at the McDonald's; a 36-year-old man died at Valley Medical Center. Deputies say two other people were shot but did not have life-threatening injuries; three other people were injured in the chaos.

King County sheriff's deputies say the victims were members of a motorcycle club. A large fight broke out during a gathering and then multiple gunshots were fired.

Deputies were en route to the scene when they received calls that victims of the shooting had been transported in cars to different locations.

Officials do not know yet what led up to the fight. Deputies were questioning witnesses and working on descriptions of the suspects.

"Then we had some other people that didn't have gunshot wounds - we had a person who was injured in a car accident trying to get to the hospital. And then we had a couple people who had panic attacks that went to the hospital who are being treated," said King County sheriff's spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott.

Leaders at the nearby Greater GT Church in Skyway gathered Sunday to pray for the victims' families and plead for peace in the area. "We're tired of going to funerals and moms losing their sons and daughters to senseless violence."

Pastor Lawrence Willis, who leads another nearby church said, "It's just sad. I'm praying for the families. And trying to eliminate this from happening again."