Kathy Rhodes waited at the top of her driveway on a crisp fall afternoon in Ijamsville, Frederick County barely containing her anticipation.

“I am nervous, scared but I don’t know why,” said Rhodes.

It's a homecoming celebration complete with homemade apple pie and fresh baked brownies; and one Rhodes has been dreaming of since she was forced to give up her baby girl 47 years ago.

Her hands shook and her voice trembled as her adult children announced that their long lost sister was arriving.

When the car parked, Christiana Harsh jumped out and ran into the arms of her mother, both of them bursting in tears.

Harsh always knew she was adopted but her files were sealed. She started her search when her adoptive mother passed away four years ago and thanks to Ancestry.com, a match was made and their lives changed forever.

“I want to thank you because you could have not had me, but you carried me for nine months knowing you were not going to keep me and you gave me life,” Harsch said tearfully. “That is the most selfless act I can think of.”

Christian and her mom share the same sense of humor and love of the ocean, and Christiana bears a striking similarity to their late great grandmother.

Life may not have always been kind but they have no regrets because now they have found each other again and their family tree is complete.

“I always knew since I was a little girl that she (her biological mother) was out there and loved me,” Harsch said. “And you were right,” responded her mother.