Newly released dash-cam video and audio of police radio dispatch show how police tracked down the suspect in the Mukilteo shooting. The video also sheds light how the suspect behaved once he was in police custody.

After the quadruple shooting in Mukilteo early Saturday morning, the gunman left the scene in his car. Witnesses identified the suspect as 19-year-old Allen Ivanov.

Detectives pinged his cell phone to help locate him and then contacted the state patrol for help.

“We're advising you of a possible homicide suspect traveling southbound I-5,” one radio dispatch recorded.
“Suspect's last name is Ivanov…first is Allen,” it continued.

“He's armed with an AR-15 styled rifle,” the dispatcher said. “He was making suicidal thoughts earlier today and he shot three people at a party.”

The Washington State Patrol pulled Ivanov over on southbound I-5 near milepost 75 in Lewis County.

Dash camera footage shows Ivanov climbing out of the car, hands up. He seemed to cooperate fully and followed the troopers orders.

Once he shows them he was unarmed; they order him walked him backward to be arrested. In the back of the patrol unit, Ivanov appears calm, even informing troopers he was alone in the car.

“There is no one in there, I'm telling you,” he told the trooper.

Troopers say they found an AR-15 on the front seat the car, with one magazine inserted into the rifle, the other magazine empty sitting next to the rifle.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Ivanov is how calm he is. The 19-year-old sits quietly looking downward. The only sign of any stress is when he becomes thirsty.

“Officer, do you happen to have some water?” he asked a trooper.

“I don't in my car. I'll see if they do,” the trooper responds.

With the triple homicide suspect in custody, state patrol dispatcher relayed perhaps the first good news of the night back to Mukilteo police.

“Your homicide suspect?” one dispatcher said in the radio recording.

“You have him? We love you guys,” the other dispatcher responded.

“You're welcome,” the first dispatcher said.