Cyclists say they are fed up with the city of Seattle for delaying construction of miles of bike lanes. They're especially frustrated about the lack of progress downtown.

“Seattle is supposed to be a really great city to cycle in and maybe for some people it is, but not for us in Rainier Beach,” said Anna Lord, who likes to ride with her kids.

Lord was among an exasperated group of cyclists who gathered at city hall, Tuesday, to let the city council and SDOT know that they think Seattle is doing a poor job of implementing its bicycle master plan, a road map meant to make the city easier to navigate on a bike.

They say a hodgepodge of bike lanes throughout the city, and especially downtown, needs to be connected.

"We've got the Second Avenue bike lane, but if you've ever tried to get to (it), there's not really a good way to get to there,” said one cyclist who testified during public comment.

Cyclists who gathered during a council meeting say they cannot understand why last year's Move Seattle levy, which provides hundreds of millions of dollars for transportation improvements, isn't spurring a lot more bike lane construction.

SDOT says work is underway. They're trying to streamline construction of new bike lanes, some of which are turning out to have higher costs than they originally projected.

City planners are also trying to evaluate how to best to use the limited amount of pavement, which is shared between buses, cars, pedestrians, and bikes.