Emmy Thompson has just about everything a 5-year-old girl with boundless energy could ask for, like an entire wardrobe in hot pink.

With a smile from freckle to freckle and feet that just will not - and cannot - stop moving, she still needs a hand."She’s met every milestone, so this is the first time where she could use just a little extra help," said her mom, Jocelyn Hoffman.And Emmy is about to get it, after a long wait."Like 20 years," Emmy said of a little hand to make up for the one she's missing.

You see Emmy was born with one hand missing a set of fingers. It's a condition that affects one in every 32,000 kids. "It's a pretty exciting day for you, right?” Emmy's mom asked her. "I'm kind of nervous," Emmy said. "There's nothing to be nervous about," her mom reassured her. Emmy want’s to be able to hold her juice boxes, to play like her friends play, and that's what brought her to a special doctor who knows how to help.

Her doctor, Eric Shoemaker, picked out a new prosthetic hand for her that was made from a 3-D printer. And Emmy, ever a girl's girl, picked out the hot pink one. Her parents hope the new technology will give their daughter a new handle on life. "What do you think?” her mom asked. Emmy says she’s happy.

Now she can play like her friends play, like learning to ride her bike - a hot pink one, of course. Emmy will be able to keep her prosthetic hand as she grows up. The fingers can be replaced with bigger ones when needed.