Police in Seattle and Bellevue confirmed to GeekWire that crimes linked to car-sharing services are on the rise. Because vehicles like LimePods and Car2Go are easy to rent and can be difficult to trace, they’ve become a popular tool in certain types of crimes in the Seattle region and beyond.

In July, a man called Seattle police to report three people in a LimePod vehicle tried running him over and threw rocks at him. A few weeks later in Bellevue, police arrested a package theft suspect after a LimePod was seen on a doorbell security camera and traced back to the suspect's home. 

A spokesperson for the Bellevue Police Department said that there are several cases pending in which suspects used LimePods to commit thefts, typically involving packages and mail. Seattle PD Public Affairs Director Sean Whitcomb said LimePods have been used in “thefts, arson, brandishing firearms,” and “hit and runs.” Neither department would quantify how many crimes have been committed using the cars. 

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