SEATTLE -- How’s this for a road trip? Quit your job. Save up money. Travel to all of the 59 national parks.

That’s what a husband and wife team – Cole and Elizabeth Donelson – are doing.

This week, they’re in our neck of the woods, visiting Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. That makes 40, 41 and 42!

They decided on their plan almost two years ago in Kansas City, where Elizabeth worked as a school teacher and Cole worked with computers.

They saved $30,000 and embarked on their 59-park-adventure in August.

"We felt like there's so much in our backyard. We want to share with people and we want to inspire people our age to go out and see," said Elizabeth.

You can follow their journey on their website, including pictures and stories from the parks.

The couple is about nine months into their trip.