On the eve of formally unveiling the new SR 520 Evergreen Floating Bridge, contractor Kiewit/General/Manson announced Thursday it had sold all 31 pontoons from the old structure.

Curiosity over the future of the pontoons has existed since construction on the new span began, spurned on by contests held through K/G/M to solicit ideas on how to recycle the large concrete structures.

In the end, the pontoons will likely have a more industrial and global home, according to the company that bought them, TrueNorth Projects.

The Gig Harbor-based business also recycled pontoons from the old Hood Canal Bridge to be reused for a port in Australia.

"We plan to sell or lease them for floating dock stations," said Mark Marling with TrueNorth and its parent company, Teras Cargo Transport. "We're in talks for projects all around the world."

Marling said a condition of the sale, which took place in January 2015 but was not made public until now, meant the pontoons could not stay in Washington.

Washington Department of Transportation spokesperson Steve Peer denied any such stipulation, other than the pontoons needed to be recycled.

WSDOT also could not reconcile the difference between the 33 pontoons listed on its website for the old bridge, and the purchase announced by TrueNorth of 31 pontoons.

Marling did not reveal the price of the pontoons.