After 30 years, Ralph Munro never thought he’d have a chance to make the special delivery.

But on Tuesday, Washington’s Secretary of State from 1981 to 2001 returned to the Capitol with a stolen piece of state history.

A commemorative revolver, made for the state’s 100th centennial celebration in 1989, was stolen off a desk from the secretary’s office later that year.

“I looked over there and it’s gone,” said Munro, pointing to a corner of his former office. “I thought ‘Holy Tomatoes!’”

Munro called the Washington State Patrol and reported the gun as stolen.

Last week, he got a call from Lacey Police saying the gun had been recovered at a pawn shop. It's price was estimated as much as $10,000. 

“I thought I’d never see it,” said Munro.

Police think the original thief likely died. The woman who pawned the gun will not face charges.

Investigators said the gun likely changed hands over the years, and they do not think she knew the gun’s history.

While the gun was registered in Munro's name, he said it belongs in the state's archives.

"It belongs to the people, not me," said Munro.