Logan is getting another shot at life. The German Shepherd puppy whose incurable heart defect gives him less than a year to live has been offered a rare surgery in Colorado. 

Volunteers at Whatcom County-based Rescued Hearts Northwest have helped care for Logan and had planned on completing a bucket list to fulfill his last months. 

So far, Logan has been to the beach, he's eaten ice cream and hamburgers at Dairy Queen, gone swimming, visited local parks, and even is getting his own soda at Seattle-based Jones Soda Co.  

The animal rescue announced on Wednesday that a doctor heard about Logan's condition and believes surgery can help. Dr. Brian Scansen, originally from Snohomish and a graduate of the University of Washington, offered to perform surgery on Logan next week at Colorado State University.

Dr. Scansen will inspect Logan on Wednesday and hopes to be able to perform the surgery on Thursday.

"I need to evaluate Logan in person, but from the images I have seen there are options to fix the two problematic valves in his heart," Scansen said.

Scansen hopes to make repairs next week to the pulmonary valve that would give Logan more time to grow before attempting to repair the tricuspid valve, a procedure he said is "more involved and higher risk."

"It is preferable to perform the open repair when he is bigger so the hope is by fixing the pulmonary valve we give him time to grow," said Scansen.

If the tricuspid valve remains a problem for Logan after the initial surgery, Scansen said a second doctor will need to perform open heart repair of the valve.

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