College is supposed to help students prepare for the long-term.

Students at South Puget Sound Community College get help to survive day-to-day.

In October, students started receiving cans of food and produce from a pantry for free.

With food provided by the Thurston County Food Bank, nearly 60 students have received weekly bags of groceries.

“It’s just something that comes in handy for everyday people now,” said student Lindsey Dunnington.

She has a two-year-old at home, so she said having a job while being a student is difficult.

The pantry food enables her to focus on her education.

“Just working hard to get it all, so we don’t need this,” said Dunnington as she pointed to the pantry.

According to a new University of Wisconsin survey, one out of three community college students said they “go hungry.”

Fourteen percent of those surveyed described themselves as homeless.