RENTON, Wash. — Some members of the U.S. Coast Guard got the day off from patrolling the coast and inspecting foreign ships to spend Monday being a Seahawk, instead. 

"I was a swimmer for 10 years," said Petty Officer Third Class Maggie Baehr. "So I'm definitely more confident in the water than on the land." 

She and more than 50 other members of Coast Guard Seattle participated in USAA’s Salute to Service NFL Bootcamp following the Seahawks morning workout.

“I’m amped,” said Petty Officer Second Class Michael Bordas, who grew up a Seahawks fan. “Hopefully I don’t break a leg or something.”

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The service members ran 40-yard dashes, found out who could throw a football the farthest and competed in what the NFL calls “The Gauntlet,” a drill that tests an athlete’s ability to throw, run, and catch.

“It was a great honor to be here,” said Baehr.

“To be involved, it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life,” said Bordas. 

In addition to running through the drills, many of the Seahawks signed balls, jerseys, and posters for the Coast Guard members.

“They’re the real heroes,” said quarterback Russell Wilson.

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