The man arrested last Friday during a chaotic scene at the Mount Vernon-Mount Si football game is the son of Mount Si head football coach Charlie Kinnune, Snoqualmie Police and the Snoqualmie Valley School District confirmed Wednesday.

The 26-year-old was arrested for disorderly conduct, and police believe he was under the influence of alcohol.

In a video played Monday for KING 5 by Mount Si school officials, he can be seen running into a crowd that was gathered at the corner of the field at the beginning of half time. After pushing a man, the 26-year-old was stopped by two police officers, who cuffed him and led him away.

The push that prompted his arrest came seconds after an incident involving his father. Coach Kinnune grabbed at a KING 5 reporter's camera before being blocked by someone else in the crowd. Kinnune shouted angrily at the KING reporter and ordered stadium officials to eject him.

Snoqualmie Valley School Superintendent Rob Manahan said Wednesday that the 26-year-old is not employed by the school district or the Mount Si team. 

The fact that two people with close ties to the Mount Si program were involved in physical altercations at the game raises concerns about safety for everyone on the field, from players and officials to coaches and media.

Manahan and other district officials said Monday they plan to reassess game-day procedures to emphasize proper security and safety. The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the governing body for high school athletics, is also investigating.

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Manahan said he believes the 26-year-old to be banned from attending events at Mount Si's stadium. As of Wednesday, Coach Kinnune has not been reprimanded. Manahan said any personnel actions are private, and any punishment would not necessarily be publicized.

Mount Si officials have apologized for the altercation involving KING 5's reporter. Snoqualmie Police are currently investigating the incident.

They said the playoff game against Mount Vernon was tense from the start. Video shot before and during the game shows coaches shouting at each other in frustration.

The altercation at the start of halftime came after officials ordered a field goal re-kick. As the clock expired, Mount Si made the field goal, and the Mount Si players headed to the locker room. The officials huddled and decided the kick was not properly signaled. Mount Si was brought back to the field for a second attempt, which was blocked by Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon Coach Nic Vasilchek ran onto the field to celebrate and was seen pointing at Mount Si players and fans. As Mount Vernon players left the field, Mount Si fans jeered from the stands, and Mount Si's head coach and others verbally confronted the Mount Vernon side. It was in the chaos of this scene that the 26-year-old shoved someone in the crowd, and Coach Kinnune accosted KING's reporter.

Dr. Carl Bruner, the superintendent of Mount Vernon School District, told KING 5 on Monday that he expects disciplinary action to be taken for unsportsmanlike conduct displayed by Mount Vernon coaches and staff.

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