SEATTLE -- For years the city of Seattle has slowly been converting the former military buildings at Magnuson Park into an arts and recreation center.

It looks like one of the oldest and biggest buildings there will soon get new life.

A few groups have put in proposals to take over building #2, the former naval aircraft hangar, and one of those ideas could bring a splash of Hollywood to the Northwest.

“The possibilities are really exciting” Park Manager Brian Judd said.

The former airplane hangar sits empty, except for some pigeons that have taken advantage of the broken windows.

Judd says the building carries an important military history.

"Many of the planes that were fixed here were used during our World War II days,” he said.

They've had a few things come and go over the years but nothing stuck around.

Three groups submitted proposals to take on the facility.

The Sandpoint Arts and Cultural Exchange thinks this building is ready for a makeover-Hollywood style.

“Ever since the film industry saw this they immediately envisioned this as a sound stage - very unique with its high ceilings” Julianna Ross said.

It might seem like a stretch but the building was used for a Sylvester Stallone movie years ago and parts of Sleepless in Seattle were filmed nearby.

This group says it will not only host big Hollywood productions, it will give the little guys a chance to get their foot in the door.

“Anyone who wants an opportunity to get involved in the film industry; this could be their entry point.”

A competing proposal includes an archery facility, lacrosse center and a skateboard park.

Brian Seitz works with the non-profit “Skate like a Girl” and said the facility will allow them to run their program year-round.

“It’s got lots of potential, good bones, and once the build-out starts it will be a great place for kids and adults to hang out."

The Parks Director is expected to make a decision in the fall.