SEATTLE -- Not every journey starts with a destination. Sometimes it means taking a first step, and after that, taking another one.

"Thank you for your hard work," Jasen Frelot told an SPD officer. "Stay safe today."

Frelot decided to try a new path Friday, a quieter one than he's taken in the past.

"Today, instead of going to another protest, instead of screaming and raging, we're going to do an act of radical love," he said.

Twenty Seattle churches donated bouquets of flowers. Some people took them to SPD precincts around town. Frelot handed them out to officers on duty.

"There you go. Say, 'Thank you police officers. Stay safe,'" Frelot told his 2-year-old daughter as she placed a rose on an officer's patrol cars.

But the flowers were not just for law enforcement. They were for two communities that Frelot says are not at war.

"We're trying to give flowers to black people and cops today," he said.

He calls it a radical idea, he knows, could attract critics.

"This has been a really disturbing week I know. I'm so concerned about things blowing up. We just have to do something," he said. "We've protested. We've burned down cities. And black people are still getting shot in the streets. So, we have to do something different."

Like many Americans, Frelot is unsure what lies ahead. All he knows, to find the end you have to begin somewhere.