In the wake of a shooting near Graham-Kapowsin High School that left two students injured, a nearby church held a prayer gathering Wednesday evening.

"We're going to come together no matter who you are, where you're from, no matter how you're feeling about the events that happened yesterday," said Life Center Rainier pastor Tyler Sollie

Some students from Graham-Kapowsin who visit Life Center Rainier church know the shooting victims.

"You can imagine the emotional toll that some of the young people are experiencing today," said Sollie.

That's why Sollie opened the doors of the church.

Students like Graham-Kapowsin junior George Carter said they were grateful for the chance to come together as a community.

"It's important to nurture and don't have fear when these circumstances happen," said Carter.

He was among the students who had to huddle inside the school when it went on lockdown on Tuesday afternoon.

"It was pretty scary," he said. "I was still at the school, doing saxophone quartet practice and over the intercom they said we were on lockdown, so we ran to the band room office and we stayed in there for like two hours."

On Wednesday evening, Sollie spoke to the crowd made up mostly of students and parents and encouraged them to "help create peace" on the school campus and in their homes as well.

"These situations unfortunately tend to elevate fear and can often create division, and I think really what we're looking to do tonight is to create peace, bring comfort, but also stand in unity," he said.

He hopes people will be left with comfort while they sort through what seem to be unanswered questions.

"A lot of people find themselves going, ‘Hey, what’s going on in the world? It feels like stuff is happening more often. What does this mean?’” he said. “Thankfully we have an opportunity to share hope, and that’s through the word of Jesus Christ.”