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Chimpanzee sanctuary holds Chimp-O-Lympics

These chimps were in fine form for the Winter Chimp-O-Lympics!

Forget PyeongChang – the chimpanzees at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest gave Olympic athletes a run for their money at the 2018 Winter Chimp-O-Lympics on Friday.

Staff at a chimp sanctuary near Cle Elum organized winter games, such as the brainfreeze biathlon, snowball rope climb, and the 100m snowball sprint, in the spirit of the 2018 Olympics.

Set to dramatic music, video of the games shows the chimps with a paper Olympic torch, chewing snowballs, and carrying paper plates of fruit for the competitive food balancing event.

Anna Wallace, one of the chimps’ caregivers, was the brainchild behind the games, according to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

Video of the Chimp-O-Lympics was put together by Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Co-Director J.B. Mulcahy.

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