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CES 2023 technology focusing on addressing 'the world's biggest challenges'

New technology from all over the world is exhibited at the convention. The Impossible Whopper and Ring Doorbells were both discovered at previous conventions.

LAS VEGAS — For more than 50 years, CES has been known as the global stage for innovation. Annually, technology from around the world is showcased at the gather. 

CES 2023 is officially underway in Las Vegas. Upwards of 100,000 technologists, enthusiasts and sales representatives mix and mingle over the course of four days with more than two million square feet of exhibit space. 

CES spokesperson Allison Fried says the one unifying theme this year is “technology that is innovating to solve some of the world's biggest challenges.”

This year, an electric vehicle from Sony, a selfie-taking robot that cares for the elderly and a device that claims it will tell you why your baby is crying are all on display. A skincare company is demonstrating a 3-D printer that lets users print "super nutrient" gummies.

Digital health, connected mobility, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the metaverse, smart home tech, agriculture and electric vehicles are some of the headliners this year, but the quirky tech and roaming robots tend to get the most hype on social media. 

Seattle's startup Picnic introduced the pizza-making robot at CES in 2020, which was the talk of the convention. 

Ring Doorbell was introduced in an earlier form at CES in 2015. The tech was purchased by Amazon for more than a billion dollars in 2018. The Ring car cam is already making a splash at CES this year. 

“Even the Impossible Whopper was also discovered by Burger King at CES,” said Fried.

CES 2023 will run through Sunday, Jan. 8 and features more than 3,200 exhibitors visiting from around the globe, from color-changing cars on display by BMW to televisions designed for those with low or limited vision. 

Fried says she was in awe witnessing a new audio translation device. “I saw earbuds that can translate into 40 languages. You wear one and the person you’re talking to wears the other and CES features more than 150 different countries represented here so the global nature is very exciting.”


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