Cats at the King County animal shelter in Kent are getting some nice upgrades to their accommodations this summer. They’ll soon move out of metal cages and into “cat condos.”

“They won’t have that sterile feel, it’s going to be a lot more welcoming to adopters,” said Nickie Ford, animal services coordinator.

Cat condos are more spacious than cages. They have translucent doors and multiple compartments where pets can eat, sleep, and play.

“We expect that cats will get adopted a little bit faster because people will have a better chance to interact with them in a more natural state,” Ford said.

King County was able to buy the new condos with a $75,000 grant from Petco Foundation. Dogs benefit too. The money will help pay for a behaviorist and trainers who will help shelter staff identify and address behavioral issues.

Regional Animal Services of King County recently completed a cat play room with a “catio,” a small enclosed outdoor area where pets can get some fresh air and relax in the sun.

The indoor area features comfy seating, plenty of toys, a small waterfall, lots of wall-mounted wooden napping boxes, and a climbing bridge which wraps around the top of the room.

“It’s not a shelter feeling, it's a feeling of being at home,’ said Lori Mason, who runs the pet foster program.

The county says nine out of ten cats and dogs at the shelter are adopted or reunited with their owners, and they’re hoping the improvements will help them boost that figure.