METHOW, Wash. -- Debris is wiped away from foundations as families set their sights on rebuilding in the Carlton Complex. City officials in the affected area say they are now working toward entering a long-term recovery mode. As of early Thursday, the debris removal process was still under way in Pateros, but nonprofit groups say it should be over in a few days.

About 15 miles north of Pateros in Methow, Lynne Anders' three-story mountainside home was reduced to one large hole in the ground.

When it first happened, it was just so daunting you just can't believe it, said Lynne.

Lynne is a former school teacher. She was just a year and a half into retirement when her home for the past 36 years was destroyed.

But, she says she's fortunate because she's here ... thanks to her daughter Carlene, a firefighter, who knew her mom was in trouble.

She didn't even know she was going to need to evacuate, said Carlene, who called Lynne to say the fire was heading toward the home.

Lynne is now facing the task of supplying her insurance company with a detailed inventory of all she's lost --everything.

There's so much work to do that you just are overwhelmed, Lynne said. You have to take one thing at a time and move forward. It's the only way you can do it.

Lynne plans to rebuild. Until then, it's quality time at her daughter's place where Carlene juggles dousing flames while helping Mom and neighbors.

What happens is you start thinking about everybody else and what's happened to everybody else, said Lynne as she began to tear up. That's what's so hard. Because I at least have a home-- my daughter's home, and I'm OK.

Lynne is not sure when her rebuilding process will begin.